Embracing Grade-A in-city distribution centres and discovering the potential of Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla

The quick commerce market in India is on a meteoric rise, projected to reach $5.5 billion by 2025 1. In this logistics revolution that is underway, the increasing demand for instant deliveries is growing at a rapid rate. This transformation has sparked a surge in the need for Grade-A in-city distribution centres strategically positioned to meet the changing expectations of urban consumers. 

Grade-A Facilities: Why are they essential?

Grade-A in-city distribution centres are cutting-edge logistics hubs strategically located within urban areas. They represent the future of distribution warehouses, offering efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes operating in the industry of last-mile logistics.

Traditionally, warehouses were located in remote outskirts, emphasising the industrial park in acres and highway proximity. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce and the demand for instant delivery have reshaped consumer expectations. The need for swift, efficient deliveries, especially last-mile logistics, has never been higher. In-city distribution centres address these demands by offering optimal locations for cost-effective and rapid delivery. Aligning with the preference for convenience and prompt service, this shift signifies the warehousing industry’s proactive response to the changing face of commerce in India.

Your gateway to exponential growth

Located in the heart of Mumbai and spread over 8 acres, Lodha Logistics Park (LLP), Kurla is Mumbai’s first and only Grade-A in-city distribution centre perfectly positioned to leverage this growth. Here’s why LLP is a game-changer:

Strategic Location: Situated in Mumbai’s bustling centre, the park caters to the city’s extensive and expanding customer base. Its exceptional connectivity to over 25Mn+ consumers with access to major highways and transportation networks ensures efficient transportation of goods to and from the city’s main distribution centres.

Future-ready Infrastructure and efficient design: The Park offers world-class facilities, including truck and employee parking, private washrooms, FM-2 flooring and goods elevators, addressing the need for state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure and warehouses in Mumbai. The Park has abundantly planned docks for easy good movement and storage, unidirectional traffic flow, dedicated platforms for goods movement, and well-placed stairs and elevators, which optimise efficiency at every step.

ESG Focus: Lodha Logistics Park is an ESG-focused in-city distribution centre where we believe in harmonising urban development with nature. The Park has green spaces, and sustainable features like the EV charging stations to promote the use of electric vehicles, solar panels on the roof to generate clean energy, and water utilisation systems to conserve water. These measures help to reduce the park’s carbon footprint, and environmental impact while creating a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Hassle-free experience: Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla, stands out by being 100% compliant, securing essential approvals, and adhering to strict fire and safety standards providing a reliable and secure logistics solution.

Flexible Scalability: Ranging from 5,000 sq.ft. to 50,000 sq.ft., the logistics park offers scalable solutions. It accommodates businesses of all sizes, aligning them with their diverse logistics requirements in Mumbai’s evolving market.

Why should you choose Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla?

Whether you’re a start-up striving for swift deliveries or an established e-commerce giant. Our in-city distribution centre is tailored to meet all your specific needs. We understand the pain points of businesses operating in this fast-paced market where the need for on-demand delivery, strategic location and top-notch infrastructure are required for scalability. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability and safety positions us as the ideal logistics partner to help you navigate and thrive in the quick commerce revolution.

Embrace the future with Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla

According to projections, the Indian in-city warehousing market is poised for exceptional growth, with a projected CAGR of 15% from 2022 to 2027 2. This trend is firmly rooted in the changing shopping habits of Indian consumers, resulting in the surge of last-mile deliveries and the need for distribution centres and warehouses in Mumbai.

Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla, is ready to partner with your growth journey.  Our innovative approach and commitment to sustainability make us the ultimate solution for businesses ready to thrive in the quick commerce revolution. Contact us today to discover how we can supercharge your industrial development and warehousing needs, empowering you to navigate the exciting and challenging logistics landscape with confidence & sustainable solutions. Come and experience the future of last mile logistics for complex urban logistics needs only at Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla.

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