In-City Distribution Centres: The Key Elements to Modern Consumer Behaviour Shifts

In-City Distribution Centres: The Key Elements to Modern Consumer Behaviour Shifts

To ensure the profitability of your enterprise, it’s crucial to streamline operations effectively. The location of your in-city warehouse significantly influences consumer behaviour toward your products or services, even if the connection isn’t immediately clear. Traditionally, choosing a cost-effective site in the city may seem prudent. However, this approach could prove costly in the long term, particularly as consumer preferences shift with the rise of e-commerce. Opting for an in-city warehouse can enhance operational efficiency and facilitate easier access to your consumer base, making it a strategic choice for brands looking to maximise their market reach. Here’s how:

Lodha Logistics Park (LLP), Kurla: Redefining Last-Mile Logistics in Mumbai


Initially, renting or purchasing a manufacturing and urban warehousing facility in the heartland appears cost-effective. However, one must also consider the expenses associated with transporting raw materials to and finished goods from the facility. As your business scales up, these transportation costs per unit will inevitably rise. On the other hand, relocating to LLP in the heart of Mumbai can significantly reduce transportation expenses, thereby lowering the per-unit cost and enabling you to achieve profitability.

Faster Processing

In today’s world of instant gratification, promising fast delivery times can be an alluring selling point for your business, especially for last-mile logistics service provider. An in-city distribution centre like LLP Kurla can help you speed up order processing and ensure you offer quick deliveries. Shorter order cycles can help you reduce expenses like wages, overheads and transportation.  

Easy Inventory Management

A city like Mumbai boasts superior infrastructure and a robust workforce. Keeping that in mind, at LLP Kurla, you can install systems that help you track and manage inventory, like barcode scanners, real-time trackers, dashboards, etc., and rely on steady electricity to keep them running. You can also employ experienced personnel in a city like Mumbai and avoid shelling out for training.  

Supply Chain Visibility

If you decide to set up a manufacturing and warehousing unit in LLP Kurla, you can also ensure that other points of your supply chain are within proximity. Since large cities offer almost every service under the sun, you can create a supply chain within the area and enjoy greater visibility at every checkpoint by being a key logistics service provider.

In-City Distribution at LLP Impact Consumers for Greater Conversion

Vocal for Local

When considering today’s consumer base in India, there is a noticeable trend towards preferring locally manufactured products. Consumers increasingly favour manufacturing that is even more localised, contributing directly to local employment. To effectively reach consumers in and around Mumbai, choosing an in-city distribution centre like LLP Kurla can position your business as locally rooted and responsive to regional demands.


Cities tend to be densely populated areas, with plenty of potential consumers. However, one of the best ways to convert an individual into a consumer is to offer convenience. Today, consumers can also track their orders and knowing that their parcel is being shipped from in or around the city, from a space like LLP, can increase the convenience level in a consumer’s mind.  

Faster Delivery

In today’s times, offering quick delivery has almost become mandatory. Consumers are unwilling to wait too long to receive a product or service, especially when a faster alternative is available. To beat out the competition as a logistics service provider, it is best to deliver your product/service as fast as possible. Logistic parks in Mumbai, like LLP Kurla, allow you to ensure that you speed up delivery times and increase customer satisfaction as compared to other warehousing companies in Mumbai for all types of businesses including food delivery company, third-party logistics service provider, quick delivery service and last-mile logistics solutions.  

Trusted Developer

The consumer psyche can be a tricky field to navigate. However, one of the best ways to win over a consumer is to establish trust. If you want to tap into the consumer base in a city like Mumbai, having your manufacturing, warehousing and last-mile logistics close to the city, at LLP’s warehouse in Kurla, can help consumers feel confident in your promises of quality and speed. A consumer’s trust is invaluable and surpasses a single purchase while looking for an ideal distribution solution in Mumbai or in-city warehouse solutions in Mumbai.

LLP Kurla is located in the heart of the city and is the perfect place for last-mile logistics to ensure that your product/services reach every corner of Mumbai easily as compared to in-city warehouse in Chembur, in-city warehouse in Thane, warehouse in Taloja and other in-city warehouse in Mumbai. To build a brand and a steadfast reputation, choose efficiency, choose LLP – Mumbai’s only IGBC Platinum pre-certified in-city distribution centre.


Transforming Last-Mile Logistics with Speed, Connectivity, Proximity: Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla

Last-mile delivery, the final leg of the logistics chain where goods are transported from a distribution center to the end destination, is rapidly gaining prominence in today’s commerce landscape. This crucial phase of delivery not only impacts customer satisfaction but also significantly influences operational costs and efficiency. As consumers continue to expect faster delivery times and more flexible options, last-mile delivery has emerged as a focal point for businesses seeking to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Consequently, innovative solutions and technologies aimed at enhancing last-mile delivery efficiency are becoming indispensable tools for companies looking to meet the evolving demands of modern consumers.

This article delves into some of the key challenges faced by these sectors and explores how Lodha Industrial Park, Kurla’s expertise in in-city warehouses can effectively address their unique needs.

Challenges Encountered by Last-Mile Delivery Services, E-Commerce and Cold-Storage Sectors:

Last-Mile Delivery Services

In Mumbai, last-mile delivery services are the backbone of the economy built on fast and convenient deliveries. However, many businesses in this sector grapple with issues such as traffic congestion, leading to failed deliveries and increased costs incurred in finding alternative routes and attempting deliveries again. 

E-Commerce Industry

On a similar foothold, the e-commerce industry also faces cosmic losses due to delayed deliveries and stiff competition, as consumers gravitate towards the fastest and most reliable options available to them. Businesses also struggle to keep up with changing consumer demands, as traditional warehouses located on the fringes of the city fail to provide proximity to these markets and many within the city are unable to maintain stocks due to space constraints.

Cold Storage Businesses

Even with businesses that require cold storage and are built on the concept of providing “fresh” goods, these recurring warehousing woes lead to heavy losses. Additionally, businesses in this space require warehouses that are powered back 24X7 and are situated close to local markets to efficiently store and transport perishable goods. 

‘The LLP Solution’ to The Last-Mile Delivery & Warehousing Concerns

Narrowing down the concerns, the location of the warehouse and infrastructure support plays a crucial role in the success of last-mile logistics and for the businesses that depend heavily on it.

At Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla, businesses are bound to experience a completely new way of warehousing. As a Grade-A and pre-certified IGBC Platinum Park, LLP provides its partners with the best of premium warehousing and logistics solutions that tackle the core concerns of last-mile delivery-dependent businesses. Mentioned below are some of its features:

Infrastructural Excellence 

Drawing from the esteemed legacy of Lodha, the Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class facilities tailored to accommodate businesses across various sectors at its in-city distribution centre in Mumbai. Featuring spacious floor layouts and meticulously organized storage units, each facility is built to suit the unique and evolving needs of our clients. Moreover, the park ensures uninterrupted operations with 24×7 water and power supply, making it an attractive option for businesses dealing in fresh produce and last-mile logistics.

Overall, the park’s design promotes a seamless flow of goods and facilitates expedited transportation.

Unmatched Connectivity

Nestled at the heart of the urban city, Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla enjoys the ludicrous benefit of being at the forefront of connectivity as compared to other in-city warehouse solutions in Mumbai. Positioned in Kurla, the park provides businesses with easy access to key markets within and beyond the city through the Western Express Highway and Eastern Express Highway. This strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to all parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, enabling businesses to reach their target markets swiftly and efficiently. LLP also provides quick access to other trade mediums including the rail and airway making it an ideal suit for distribution solutions in Mumbai as compared to warehouse in Bhiwandi, warehouse in Chembur and warehouse in Navi Mumbai

Proximity Advantage 

The most significant advantage of LLP in-city warehouses in Kurla is its proximity to customers. Unlike traditional warehouses on the city’s fringes, in-city locations shave off precious miles from delivery routes. This translates to significantly faster delivery times, potentially enabling same-day or next-day deliveries for a large portion of a business’s customer base. This level of speed and convenience thus proves to be a powerful differentiator in the competitive e-commerce landscape in urban warehousing setup. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in in-city warehousing solutions. Addressing the key concerns of traffic congestion, delayed deliveries and proximity to markets, LLP emerges as a beacon of solution. By leveraging its state-of-the-art facilities and strategic location, the e-commerce sector, cold storage businesses and last-mile service providers can overcome logistical challenges and meet the evolving needs of their customers with speed and efficiency. 

A Close Look at Lodha’s State-of-the-Art In-City Warehousing Facilities in Kurla


Whether you are navigating the dynamic environment of a large multinational corporation, managing the legacy of a family-owned business or even expanding operations post-lockdown success, securing state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and logistics parks becomes imperative. The significance of a well-designed distribution warehouse cannot be overstated; it catalyzes streamlining operations, enhances efficiency, reduces costs and facilitates superior inventory organization. These incremental enhancements, when aggregated, play a pivotal role in steering your business in the desired direction with the help of a perfect industrial warehousing solution.

Yet, the challenge lies in locating industrial warehouse spaces that align with your specific operational requirements and enable effective outreach to your customer base. Fortunately, you can rely on Lodha’s reputable legacy and globally acclaimed expertise to address this challenge. Having already established a formidable presence in the residential real estate market and crafted sophisticated commercial spaces, Lodha is now extending its expertise to the world of industrial and warehousing parks, providing a reliable foundation for taking your business to unprecedented heights.


A multi-city platform, GDIP, has been meticulously developed to address the demands of India’s burgeoning digital economy. This innovative platform focuses on enhancing the ease of doing business across the country through the establishment of industrial and warehousing parks, along with in-city fulfilment centres. Distinguished as a unique pan-India and multi-city solution, GDIP is dedicated to propelling the nation’s digital economy forward by introducing innovative industrial parks. In collaboration with prominent global investors, namely Bain Capital and Ivanhoe Cambridge, Lodha is committed to creating premier logistical parks that cater to diverse businesses. With a staggering planned investment of 1 billion USD, GDIP aims to provide Indian business owners with access to world-class facilities.


Lodha Logistics Park (LLP) in Kurla stands as Mumbai’s first and only Grade-A In-city distribution centre, offering tailored design and convenience to meet urban logistics needs. With 100% compliant and secure spaces, it sets the standard for logistics excellence in the city.


Situated in the heart of the city, at Kurla, Lodha Logistics Park is within easy reach to both the Western and Eastern Suburbs. The in-city distribution centre is also a quick 2-minute drive from the LBS Marg that connects to the Eastern & Western Express Highway. While the Logistic Park is a mere 3 km away from the airport, enabling quick travel, it is also within proximity to commercial hubs like BKC (3.5kms), Worli (15kms), South Mumbai (20kms), Thane (24kms), and so on to provide ideal distribution solutions in Mumbai. 


Lodha Logistics Park is well-designed for all kinds of businesses that are working in the space of third-party logistics, manufacturing, retail, last-mile delivery, and more for in-city warehouse needs. With plenty of thought put into the creation of the space right from its inception, it is built to maximize efficiency and optimize space for urban warehousing. While every level is designed to optimize the flow of material to save on time, energy and cost, efficient storage spaces ensure that you can house a sizeable inventory in an organized manner.

Numerous docks at various points allow you to load and unload materials and inventory with ease. Whether you’re running an e-commerce business, need cold storage, have to deliver to B2B clients quickly or store perishables, Lodha Logistics Park is equipped for it all for a distribution warehouse. While wide roads make it easy for transport trucks to move in and out of the facility, uninterrupted power supply and security ensure that your operations continue running seamlessly and safely. All this makes LLP better compared to warehouses in Taloja, warehouses in Navi Mumbai, warehouses in Panvel, warehouses in Bhiwandi, warehouses in Kurla and other warehouses in Mumbai.


Apart from helping businesses grow to their full potential, the park is also designed with sustainability in mind. Lodha has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Institute to work towards a zero-carbon future by 2035. The Park is also fitted with solar panels to make use of renewable energy, use of recycled water and a partnership with TATA Power to install EV charging stations across the facility.


Sized at 8+ acres of industrial development, the park is spacious and allows you and your warehousing staff to work in a pleasant environment. With 0.4 million sq. ft. of total built-up area, the urban warehousing is not only sprawling but is installed with world-class infrastructure that meets personal and global standards. 

Warehouse with Lodha and ensure that you build a better future for yourself, your business and the planet while experiencing the best in-city warehouse solutions in Mumbai.

Choosing the Right Location for Warehousing and Logistics Solutions – The Ultimate Guide


In recent years, the demand for warehouses in India has experienced a remarkable surge, driven by a confluence of factors reshaping the country’s logistics landscape. Rapid urbanization, burgeoning e-commerce activity, evolving consumer preferences and government initiatives such as GST implementation have catalyzed this unprecedented growth in warehousing demand. As businesses strive to meet the escalating needs of a digitally-driven marketplace, the importance of strategically selecting warehouse locations has emerged as a critical determinant of success. With the rise of e-commerce and globalisation, businesses are under increasing pressure to optimise their supply chain networks. In this blog, we’ll explore the key factors that contribute to choosing the right location for warehousing and logistics solutions, and how Lodha Industrial and Logistics Park (LILP) adheres to these principles at both locations – in Kurla (in-city distribution centre) and Palava (suburban warehousing).


One of the fundamental aspects to consider when selecting a warehousing and industrial park location is its proximity to major transportation hubs. Accessibility to highways, ports, airports and railroads is crucial for the seamless movement of goods. LILP Palava is strategically located to offer excellent connectivity to major road networks, ensuring that your products can be transported swiftly and efficiently. Similarly, Lodha Logistics Park (LLP), Kurla, situated in the heart of Mumbai, provides easy access to the bustling transportation infrastructure of the city.


The quality of infrastructure and facilities in and around a warehousing location is pivotal for smooth operations. LILP Palava boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipped with modern distribution warehouse facilities, technology-driven solutions and sustainable practices. It is designed to accommodate a diverse range of businesses, from manufacturing to distribution. On the other hand, LLP Kurla, positioned in Mumbai, offers premium facilities in a prime business district, ensuring that businesses benefit from an environment conducive to growth and efficiency.


As your business grows, so should your industrial warehousing capabilities. It’s essential to choose a location that allows for scalability and flexibility. LILP Palava provides customizable solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses, offering a range of warehouse space and configurations. Whether you require a large distribution warehouse or a smaller storage facility, LILP Palava can adapt to your specific requirements at its logistics parks. Similarly, LLP Kurla offers flexible spaces tailored to the unique demands of businesses operating within the vibrant city of Mumbai for last-mile logistics solutions.


Cost-effectiveness is a key factor in the decision-making process. Evaluating the overall costs, including real estate, labour and operational expenses, is crucial. LILP Palava provides businesses with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or accessibility. The park’s strategic location allows for efficient supply chain management while minimizing operational costs. In the case of LLP, the warehouse in Kurla, being in the heart of Mumbai comes with its advantages, providing businesses access to a skilled workforce and diverse market opportunities. .


Understanding and navigating the regulatory environment of a potential industrial warehousing location is essential for compliance and risk management. LILP Palava ensures adherence to regulatory standards, providing a secure and compliant environment for businesses. In addition to 100% compliant spaces and clean land titles, the park’s commitment to sustainability aligns with evolving environmental regulations. LLP Kurla, being centrally located in Mumbai, benefits from the city’s established regulatory framework and business-friendly policies. All these considerations make LILP and LLP better than the warehouse in Taloja, the warehouse in Bhiwandi, the warehouse in Navi Mumbai and the warehouses in Mumbai.


Proximity to your target market is a significant consideration for logistics parks. LILP Palava, strategically situated next to Taloja MIDC, provides businesses with access to a vast consumer market. Its location facilitates efficient distribution to both local and regional markets. LLP Kurla, being in the commercial capital of India, offers in-city warehousing solutions in Mumbai with unparalleled access to the diverse and dynamic markets of Mumbai and its surrounding areas. It quickly connects you with 25Mn+ consumers of Mumbai with its prime distribution solutions in Mumbai.


The role of technology in modern logistics and industrial parks cannot be overstated. LILP Palava embraces cutting-edge technology solutions, from warehouse management systems to advanced security measures. This ensures that businesses operating within the industrial development benefit from streamlined operations and enhanced security. LLP Kurla, an in-city warehouse in Mumbai, leverages the technological advancements characteristic of a global business hub.


Recent global events have underscored the importance of supply chain resilience for urban warehousing. Choosing a location that minimizes risks and disruptions is crucial for long-term success. LILP Palava, with its strategic location and robust infrastructure, enhances supply chain resilience by providing businesses with a reliable and secure operating environment. LLP Kurla, being well-connected and strategically positioned, contributes to the resilience of businesses in the face of unforeseen challenges which makes it an ideal in-city distribution centre in Mumbai for last-mile logistics.

Ultimately, the selection of the right location for urban warehousing and logistics solutions is a multifaceted decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Lodha Industrial and Logistics Park (LILP), encompassing both LILP Palava and LLP Kurla, offers businesses a strategic advantage by providing a combination of accessibility, infrastructure, scalability, and technology integration. By understanding and leveraging the offerings of these parks, businesses can position themselves for success in the dynamic and competitive world of logistics and warehousing.

Embracing grade A warehousing and logistics park kurla

Embracing Grade-A in-city distribution centres and discovering the potential of Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla

The quick commerce market in India is on a meteoric rise, projected to reach $5.5 billion by 2025 1. In this logistics revolution that is underway, the increasing demand for instant deliveries is growing at a rapid rate. This transformation has sparked a surge in the need for Grade-A in-city distribution centres strategically positioned to meet the changing expectations of urban consumers. 

Grade-A Facilities: Why are they essential?

Grade-A in-city distribution centres are cutting-edge logistics hubs strategically located within urban areas. They represent the future of distribution warehouses, offering efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes operating in the industry of last-mile logistics.

Traditionally, warehouses were located in remote outskirts, emphasising the industrial park in acres and highway proximity. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce and the demand for instant delivery have reshaped consumer expectations. The need for swift, efficient deliveries, especially last-mile logistics, has never been higher. In-city distribution centres address these demands by offering optimal locations for cost-effective and rapid delivery. Aligning with the preference for convenience and prompt service, this shift signifies the warehousing industry’s proactive response to the changing face of commerce in India.

Your gateway to exponential growth

Located in the heart of Mumbai and spread over 8 acres, Lodha Logistics Park (LLP), Kurla is Mumbai’s first and only Grade-A in-city distribution centre perfectly positioned to leverage this growth. Here’s why LLP is a game-changer:

Strategic Location: Situated in Mumbai’s bustling centre, the park caters to the city’s extensive and expanding customer base. Its exceptional connectivity to over 25Mn+ consumers with access to major highways and transportation networks ensures efficient transportation of goods to and from the city’s main distribution centres.

Future-ready Infrastructure and efficient design: The Park offers world-class facilities, including truck and employee parking, private washrooms, FM-2 flooring and goods elevators, addressing the need for state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure and warehouses in Mumbai. The Park has abundantly planned docks for easy good movement and storage, unidirectional traffic flow, dedicated platforms for goods movement, and well-placed stairs and elevators, which optimise efficiency at every step.

ESG Focus: Lodha Logistics Park is an ESG-focused in-city distribution centre where we believe in harmonising urban development with nature. The Park has green spaces, and sustainable features like the EV charging stations to promote the use of electric vehicles, solar panels on the roof to generate clean energy, and water utilisation systems to conserve water. These measures help to reduce the park’s carbon footprint, and environmental impact while creating a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Hassle-free experience: Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla, stands out by being 100% compliant, securing essential approvals, and adhering to strict fire and safety standards providing a reliable and secure logistics solution.

Flexible Scalability: Ranging from 5,000 sq.ft. to 50,000 sq.ft., the logistics park offers scalable solutions. It accommodates businesses of all sizes, aligning them with their diverse logistics requirements in Mumbai’s evolving market.

Why should you choose Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla?

Whether you’re a start-up striving for swift deliveries or an established e-commerce giant. Our in-city distribution centre is tailored to meet all your specific needs. We understand the pain points of businesses operating in this fast-paced market where the need for on-demand delivery, strategic location and top-notch infrastructure are required for scalability. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability and safety positions us as the ideal logistics partner to help you navigate and thrive in the quick commerce revolution.

Embrace the future with Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla

According to projections, the Indian in-city warehousing market is poised for exceptional growth, with a projected CAGR of 15% from 2022 to 2027 2. This trend is firmly rooted in the changing shopping habits of Indian consumers, resulting in the surge of last-mile deliveries and the need for distribution centres and warehouses in Mumbai.

Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla, is ready to partner with your growth journey.  Our innovative approach and commitment to sustainability make us the ultimate solution for businesses ready to thrive in the quick commerce revolution. Contact us today to discover how we can supercharge your industrial development and warehousing needs, empowering you to navigate the exciting and challenging logistics landscape with confidence & sustainable solutions. Come and experience the future of last mile logistics for complex urban logistics needs only at Lodha Logistics Park, Kurla.

Lodha buys 8 acres in Mumbai’s Kurla for green digital infrastructure

Realty developer Lodha Group, Bain Capital, and Ivanhoé Cambridge-backed Lodha Green Digital Infrastructure (LGDI) has acquired an over 8-acre land parcel in Mumbai’s Kurla locality.

The land will be used for the development of over 4 lakhs sq ft of Grade-A multi-tenanted in-city fulfilment centre to provide the last-mile warehousing infrastructure to third party logistics (3PL), e-commerce, and quick-commerce companies.

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Lodha has partnered with Skechers, a global lifestyle, athletic footwear and apparel brand for building their National Distribution Centre at Lodha Industrial and Logistics Park, Palava.

Lodha, known for building world’s finest developments, will now be developing this landmark warehouse which will be the tallest warehouse in India with the height of 17m at the eaves and 24m at the highest point. The 1.1 MM sq.ft. warehouse will be Skechers’ second largest distribution centre in Asia. With focus on ESG, the building is pre-certified as IGBC- Platinum and will also be the first warehouse building in Western India to have FM1 super flat flooring.

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Lodha announces $1 billion partnership with Ivanhoe Cambridge, Bain Capital to develop Green Digital Infrastructure Platform

Each of the three partners will have around 33% equity interest in the property ownership, whilst Lodha will lead the development, operations, and management of the assets.

Real estate developer Lodha on May 11 announced a partnership with Bain Capital and Ivanhoé Cambridge to set up a next-generation green digital infrastructure platform that will invest $1 billion for developing digital infrastructure that includes logistics and light industrial parks as well as in-city fulfilment centres across the country.

The venture to develop Green Digital Infrastructure for India’s digital economy with an investment of around $1 billion, aims to create about 30 million sq ft of operational assets to serve India’s digital economy.

There is a huge demand for Grade-A digital infrastructure in our country. On the backdrop of this demand and enabling multitude of job opportunities in the country, the deal is slated to line up a planned development across geographies in India.

Lodha will be responsible for developing, operating, and managing the platform assets through a dedicated entity and has already built a strong capability network for the said entity. The company has already started looking at the pan-India acquisitions of land and other core value-add assets.

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Warehousing on Demand

Shaishav Dharia, CEO – Townships and Rental Assets, Lodha Group, talks about Mumbai’s fast-emerging industrial and logistical destination.

What are the services offered by the Lodha Group?

Palava Industrial and Logistics Park (PILP) has emerged as Mumbai’s preferred industrial and logistics destination. The Grade-A industrial and logistics park planned across 800 acres is being designed with sustainability at the core, for creating long-term value for the clients. With 300 acres already under development, the park is located in close proximity to the industrial hub of Navi Mumbai – Taloja MIDC. It offers manufacturing companies a ready ecosystem of skilled and semi-skilled labour, transportation ecosystem and ancillary industries. Moreover, the park enjoys excellent connectivity to JNPT, the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, and the upcoming Multi-Modal Corridor making it a hub for logistics and warehousing.

It is part of the 4,500-acre Palava city that provides a ready social ecosystem with high-quality residences, social housing, world-class education, healthcare and much more. PILP offers clients the full suite of options to set up operations, whether in terms of leasing or buying Built-to-Suit buildings, or buying land for construction, along with easy scalability and expansion options. With clean marketable land titles, all statutory approvals and permits in place, the park offers a complete hassle-free on-boarding and operations to the clients.

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Japan’s Flyjac Logistics buys 22.3-acre land parcel at Lodha’s industrial park near Mumbai

Flyjac Logistics, subsidiary of Japanese logistics company Hitachi Transport System Group, has acquired an over 22.3-acre land parcel from Lodha Group at its Palava Industrial and Logistics Park (PILP) near Mumbai.

Both the entities–Lodha also known as Macrotech Developers and Flyjac, which is one of the largest integrated logistic service providers–have already signed the deal. The land parcel has a total development potential of 1 million sq ft.

Flyjac Logistics, one of the largest integrated logistic service providers, already has such warehousing facilities operational across India. However, this transaction represents their first outright buy of land parcel in western India to set up a warehousing facility. Most of the third-party logistics major’s warehousing facilities in western region are leased assets.

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