Whether you are working in a large MNC or you’re handling a family-owned business with a legacy to maintain or are expanding operations after your business took off after the lockdown, finding state-of-the-art warehousing facilities or logistics parks is a must. A well-designed distribution warehouse can help streamline your operations, boost efficiency, help cut down costs and aid in better inventory organization. All these microscopic improvements can culminate and help drive your business in the direction you want it to go. 

However, finding the right kind of industrial warehousing space that allows you to effectively reach your customer base can be challenging. Thankfully, you have Lodha’s trustworthy legacy and globally renowned craftsmanship to count on. After establishing a stronghold in the residential real estate market and creating innovative commercial spaces, Lodha is setting up industrial and warehousing parks to help you take your business to new heights. 


A multi-city platform designed to serve the needs of India’s digital economy through industrial and warehousing parks and in-city fulfilment centres that will improve the ease of doing business in India by leaps and bounds. A one-of-a-kind pan-India and multi-city platform, GDIP is committed to catalysing the nation’s burgeoning digital economy with state-of-the-art industrial parks. To create a top-of-the-line logistical park that serves businesses of all kinds, Lodha has partnered with two of the world’s marquee investors, Bain Capital and Ivanhoe Cambridge. The project has a planned investment of a whopping 1 billion USD to ensure that Indian business owners make the most of world-class facilities.


Lodha is known for pushing the envelope and innovating spaces to breach new horizons and explore uncharted territory. Our Industrial and Logistics Park at Palava is the perfect amalgamation of everything we have mastered in the residential and commercial real estate markets. With the Lodha Industrial and Logistics Park at Palava, we aim to deliver the highest calibre of design, uncompromised quality and incomparable services. The Park is a multi-modal logistics park that will boost India’s digital economy via industrial and warehouse space. Here are a few features that will be the hallmark of the LILP, Palava: 


In choosing to situate the Industrial and Logistics Park in Palava, we have ensured that business owners get access to the entirety of the city and beyond. The facility is strategically located in Navi Mumbai, right next to Taloja MIDC. Not only is it well-connected to national and state highways, but it is also within proximity to JNPT, India’s largest port. Once the Navi Mumbai International Airport is completely constructed, the facility will be within quick distance of the same. All this makes LILP better compared to warehouses in Taloja, warehouses in Navi Mumbai, warehouses in Panvel, warehouses in Bhiwandi, warehouses in Kurla and other warehouses in Mumbai.


Spread across 800+ acres, LILP’s industrial development is designed to serve your needs today for a better tomorrow. The Park is being developed in three phases, with LILP, Palava-I, sized at ~170 acres, completely leased out, while LILP, Palava-II and LILP Palava-III are under development. The notable clients include Skechers, FM Logistics, Flyjac Logistics, Aptar Pharma, etc. The park will also be fitted with cutting-edge industrial park infrastructures like ample parking space, EV charging stations, truck terminals and e-cycles to allow your staff and inventory to reach you seamlessly. With external lighting, a first-aid centre, retail stores and stringent security, you can run your business with the best features of an industrial park without worrying about health and safety at our logistics parks. 


Each unit at the Lodha Industrial and Logistics Park will have a clear height of 12 metres, with best-in-class flooring, ample docking stations, cutting-edge insulation materials and everything you would desire from an ideal distribution warehouse. The roofs of every warehouse space are also specifically designed to carry the load of solar panels and catch optimal sunlight, ensuring warehouses at the park are comfortable and efficient spaces to work in. While fire safety protocols keep your staff and inventory safe, you can also count on an uninterrupted power and water supply and docks and levellers for easy loading and unloading at our industrial park.


LILP has been pre-certified as an IGBC Platinum Park, and we have also partnered with Savvy Greens to ensure that the premises are as sustainable as possible. Our (Lodha) partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute also reaffirms our aim of a zero-carbon future by 2035. LLIP at Palava is planned as a net-zero ecosystem with plenty of room for indigenous plants. We plan to refrain from using external water for construction and optimise land cut-fill material wherever possible. This experience makes LILP an ESG-focused park as compared to other warehouses in Mumbai.

Warehouse with Lodha and ensure that you build a better future for yourself, your business and the planet. 

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